Simple Touch Veggie Cuisine
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Norwalk Better Living Center
Feel free to call in advance to place orders. When you call ask about our daily specials. (562) 863-6897
Soft Tacos  $8.00
3 corn tortillas, veggie meat, tomatoes, cabbage, salsa, cheese.

Burrito Wrap $8.00
Lavash wrap, veggies, rice,beans,veggie meat, cheese, tomatoes, lettuce.

Quesadilla $7.00
Corn or flour tortilla, cheese, black beans,cilantro, veggie meat if desired.

Haystack $8.50
Nacho style salad, black beans, salsa, tomatoes, cilantro, lettuce, grilled onions, veggie meat and cheese.

Bean & Cheese Burrito $7.00
Flour tortilla, black beans and cheese.

Taquitos(4) $7.00
4 corn tortillas, veggie meat, pico de gallo, dipping sauce.

Spiced Wrap $8.00
Lavash wrap, herbs, cilantro, tomatoes, onions, cabbage, dressing.

Cajon Sandwich $8.00
Seasoned seared tofu, cabbage, sauce, tomatoes, wheat bread.

Simple Veggie Sandwich  $6.50
Choice veggies of the day.

BBQ Sandwich     $8.00
Choice of tofu, gluten or oat patty, grilled onions, lettuce, tomatoes.

Open Faced Sandwich     $8.00
Seared tofu, toasted wheat bread, bell peppers, onions, purple cabbage.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich   $6.00
Cheese, tomatoes, basil, bread.

Grilled Mac'n' No Cheese   $8.00

Cheese, macaroni, wheat bread.

Simply 'O' Burger               $7.00
Oat patty, lettuce, tomato, grilled onions.
Simply 'O' Deluxe                 $8.50
Burger with baked fries.

Cufu      $9.00
Curry tofu, brown rice, black beans, salad.

Thai Curry               $8.50
Veggie curry(veggies of the day), over brown rice.

The Amazing Plate      $9.00

Mac 'n' No Cheese Plate  $8.00

Soup of the day  
Sm. $2.50, Med. $3.75, Lrg. $4.50

Salad Reg.$5.00
Chef's choice                 Lrg. $7.50

Pita Pizza         $4.00

Lemonade         $2.25

Iced Tea         $2.25

Smoothie         $4.25

Cookies   .75
        Variety of choices

Cheeseless Cheesecake
Slice    $3.00
      Whole $25.00++

Bread $5.00

Check out our Daily Case for more items.

***Cheese is 100% plant based made in house.

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